We would like to welcome Maya to Sherriff Road.   Last week the children have continued to prepare to steel your hearts at their Christmas performance. They have been rehearsing songs and even a few dance moves too. We were also very privileged to have Maya’s mum join us and teach a small lesson too “singing in Hebrew” Many Thanks, the children loved it!  
  • Story Of The Week - “Stick Man”
  • Song Of The Week - “ Twinkle, Twinkle" in Japanese
    Children were invited in small groups as well as one to one for the following lessons: Physical Development - Building/creating“Stick Man”        
  • Arts and crafts - Gluing Activity making “Stick Man”
  • Science - Balloon Experiment (inflate and deflate) and Cups Telephone. 
  • Language - “Japanese - Twinkle Twinkle song
  • Understanding of the World - The parts of the tree
  • Makaton sign - Please/ Thank you  

  • As the weather continues to grow cold please ensure your child has a hat and scarf.
  • Grapes and cherry tomatoes are cut.
  • Christmas Performance Monday 4th December 2017
  • Please, remember to sign in for the Parents Observations day, which will take place this week.

The Sherriff Road Team


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