We've had a lovely couple of weeks sharing 2 more exciting books.

Our 'Happy Birthday Peppa'book was very popular, especially as we had Max's birthday to celebrate. He brought in some photos of when he was a baby to show us how much he's grown. He also showed us some if his favourite toys and all the children enjoyed his birthday walk.

This weeks book, 'The bus is for us' has provided us with a variety of interesting activities. Our garden was turned into a scooter wash with everyone busy scrubbing the scooters and then anything that wasn't able to move! We also played traffic lights, listening for colours and then practising stopping for red and going for green.

The afternoons have been filled with marble painting and play dough making, with the children learning to roll balls and sausages. The children have also been introduced to gluing vehicles using geometric shapes and hunting the class for things that roll and things that don't.

With Spring in the air we've been decorating our classroom with vases of daffodils that the children have cut to size and arranged in vases. They've enjoyed changing the watery regularly as well as cleaning the leaves on out plants.

Thank you for the fruit for sharing that the children have been cutting and offering to their friends at the snack table. We're always happy for any unusual fruit that we can learn about as well as the children!


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