Dear Parents,

We hope that you all had a good Easter break and are ready to start the new term, I hope you will join me and say welcome to Alexander and Lydia who joined us this Summer term!



This term we will be talking about Myself. We will be looking at individual child, who am I? my body, my likes and dislikes, feelings, senses, my own time line. Children will have the chance to build their own time line, and their school day time line.


To all our lovely parents, if you would like to contribute with your talent (playing a musical instrument, reading a story, etc.), please do come in the classroom, we would love to hear from you and the children as well.

As summer is here we will have fun in our beautiful garden, taking care of our plants and enjoy water play and all the fun games that our lovely teachers have ready for us.

3,2,1…Here we go, let the fun begin!!!


West Hampstead Team


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