We've had a busy and exciting start to the spring term with the children enjoying the new activities both indoors and outdoors.

In the garden we've got a new balancing beam and some stepping stones which the children have used for balancing, sitting, jumping off and falling over!

We've also refilled the sandpit and the children get as much fun out of sweeping up the sand they've spilled as they do playing with the sand! The birds are also having fun in the garden despite the cold weather, eating from the new bird feeder we hung from the tree.

Inside we've had a very successful classroom reshuffle with all the tables, chairs and shelves moving to new places within the class. Our two topic books have provided us with lots of fun activities to supplement out daily Montessori work.

The children listened with interest to the book 'Sharing a Shell' and then were given the opportunity to paint some shells, with our 'What a Wonderful World' book providing lots of independent art activities.

The children were introduced to gluing tissue paper roses and hand painting trees, which some children choose to take from the shelf and complete. Others enjoyed the story and accompanying CD but were far too busy with other activities to choose the art that was offered.

The Sherriff Road Team.



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