Dear Parents

  This week has been wonderful.

   Children participated in theme activities about the ‘Dentist’ with great enthusiasm. The children were so delighted to meet the Dental Nurse and took turns on how to brush their teeth as demonstrated.



 Weekly activities fun: We really appreciated Maya’s Mum “Ms. Dana” for her Drama activity this week which children enjoyed very much.

Art and Craft: sticking teeth and coloring activity

Science: Air Pressure Experiment

Music: Learning about the pitch of the sound through Piano

Japanese: Concept of big and small followed by a song

Spanish: Winter storybook

Yoga: Meditattion

Makaton: Singing “Toothbrush” and “To Brush Teeth”

Drama: Storytelling followed by acting out emotions using a Puppet




We look forward to see you next week.

West Hampstead Team



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