Dear Parents,

We have recently welcomed Olivia and Niko to Rainbow Montessori Nursery, West Hampstead.

        Throughot the term we will be doing extra-curricular activities with the children so they can enhance their learning and development in a more fun manner! So far we have had Spanish and Japanese clubs, music, dancing and yoga classes and the children have absolutely loved it.

     Over the last few weeks, we have had two very exciting visits to the library and the post office.

The children were encouraged to bring their favourite storybook to their show and tell activity before their visit to the libary and they felt very proud presenting their book to the other children, they were remarkable! The children were reminded about the rules of the library and how to choose and hold a book followed by a storytelling activity. Children were then given the opportunity to explore different books in the library. It was interesting to see how the older children guided the younger children in selecting the books such as selecting picture books for the little ones.

     As for the visit to the post office, children were introduced to the postman theme through their storytelling activity in the school. The children were so excited to see the post office and greeted the postman with enthusiasm. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in delivering letters for one of their activities. During the review about their visit to the post office, the older children managed to describe some of the duties carried out by the postman while the younger children were able to name the actions that the postman needs for delivering their letters, which was wonderfull!



The activities for each club are as follows:


      Yoga Classes: stretching and bending exercise

      Spanish Club: greeting each other, hello and weather song

      Japanese Club: counting from 1 to 10A

      Art and Craft: Masterpiece: bookmark & post box

      Music Club: Musical chairs, exploring different musical instruments

     Cooking Club:  French Apple pie

     Dance Club: Dancing expressively to the beat and acting out different animals


We are delighted to see how well the children get actively engaged in various clubs and activities !

The Sherriff Road Team



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