This week we were visited by policemen & policewomen and also magnificent police horses at West Hampstead Nursery!

The policemen and policewoman spoke about the role of the police horses in the community and how they care for them. Then the children had an opportunity to get up close to the horses and give them a pat.

Thereafter the children were able to try on the police hat and ask lots of questions about the role of policemen and policewomen and how they keep us safe.

Miss Simona and Miss Lavinia had the chance to try on the police uniform and Miss Tabita showed off the handcuffs and noted how heavy the polce hat was!

Here are some wonderful (honest!) comments/feedback from the children:

Irene: ''The policeman work so hard.''

Jeanne:  ''The policeman are so brave.''

Mira: ''The police horses came in and made me very happy''

Anouk: '' I had so much fun''

Maggie: ''The horses are too big to come in because they will hurt their tails on the doors, make a mess and eat all the activities!''

Nathaniel: ''It was boring because they did not do activities like multiplication.''











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