This week the children continued to explore the season Autumn by having an adventure in the garden! They looked at nature, insects and bugs through a magnifying glass and binoculars. The children noticed snails are very popular during the wet weather and our nature table consisted of Acorns and Conkers.

Children were put into small groups to discuss transportation. The vehicles we explored this week were Buses, Boats and Trains. Small discussions were shared amongst each other to help their knowledge and understanding.



Many activities were open for the children to explore -


Arts and Crafts: Bus making glue activity, Acorn printing, Boat models and decorating.


Science: Sink and Float experiment


Knowledge and understanding of the world: Trains from around the world.


Our story of the week was"Little Drivers Going Places" and our song of the week  was  " Wheels on the Bus"



As of next week, our language speakers will be offering the following in the afternoon sessions:

Miss. Marta - Spanish 🇪🇸

Miss. Azusa - Japanese 🇯🇵


We would like to wish Nina a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful weekend.


The Sherriff Road Team.


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