Welcome back everyone!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the sun as much as we did and are happy to be back!


We have an exciting new school year ahead of us and particularly an exciting new term. We will be focusing on the Global families this term, looking at each continent, at families from around the world, traditions, traditional clothes, food, houses and music.

As always we invite our parents to participate with their own lessons related to our topic and beyond. If you love reading then why not come in the classroom and read to/with the children. If you love to sing or play an instrument we will be happy to have you in our classroom.

Please let us know and we will accommodate and welcome you, so…don’t be shy! We value your contribution towards our children education.

We would like to say a warm welcome to Clodagh (who came back from Spain), Kana (Maiko’s younger sister), Emilie, Mira Ruby, Nico, Ruhan, Sarah, Felix and their parents who are happy to start with us this term.

Please check the website for events, dates and any other information you require. 

SR team.

Head Teacher

Tabita Gutu

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