School Testimonials:

  • We have chosen King Alfred School for Léo from September 2012. He was additionally offered places at Northbridge, Belmont and Aldenham – all lovely schools so the decision was extremely difficult. I think the transition from Montessori to a progressive (slightly alternative) school like King Alfred’s will be a smooth one. The responsibility for one’s own work will persist as will the mix of age ranges (middle school children are encouraged to help out with the younger ones and the sixth formers run a series of clubs for middle/upper school children).
    by Leo: Parent: Julia

  • Both my girls (Jasmine now 14 and Skye now 12) had a brilliant experience at Rainbow, from nursery through to preparatory and were sad to leave, but I was delighted when they were accepted into St Christopher School at Letchworth. They fitted in immediately and have continued to enjoy St Chris. Both of them found the work levels on a par with Rainbow, both of them have been in top groups throughout particularly in languages, maths and science. Jasmine has already started her GCSE's and attained A grades to date
    by Jasmine and Skye Parent: Amanda Bloom

  • My daughter Aislinn went to Rainbow Montessori School in Highgate at 2 1/2 years old and then went to Woodchurch Road till she was eleven. She is now doing Sixth Form at South Hampstead High School and we are now in the process of looking at Universities. Rainbow Montessori gave Aislinn a love of learning and a fantastic foundation to build on. I would like to thank all her teachers who inspired and supported her in those early years.
    by Aislinn Parent: Anne King

  • Ethan left rainbow for south-bank international as we were looking for a coad and the IB appealed to us. he is very happy there and the move was very easy. Ethan's is thriving both academically and socially.
    by Ethan Parent: Sarah

  • We chose Jewish adduction for Jordan as Jcoss opens just in time for her to start year 7. It is secular enough for us but we feel strongly that for us it's the only option to teach our kids about their origins. We are delighted with the result and Jordan is thrivving in Jcoss beyond any expectations. She found the challenge of writing exams easy and loves the much larger social environment.
    by Jordan Parents: Arnon and Sarah Rubinstein

  • Together with Ben we chose UCS (Hampstead) of the 3 choices he had (City of London, Highgate) because out of the three it was more liberal, more allowing individual growth for the children, it is academic and challenging without being too pressurising ,so it was closer to what we knew from our rainbow experience. It is a big change from Rainbow but despite the challenge overall it went really smoothly.
    by Ben: Parent: Nancy

  • Charlotte and Annabelle both went to St Christopher School in Letchworth Garden City after they left Rainbow. Charlotte went straight into year 7 in the senior school,Annabelle was 8 at the time and went into year 4 of the junior school. Although Annabelle was happy and thriving at Rainbow we made the decision to move near to St Chris and so Annabelle changed school too. Charlotte is now 16 and did brilliantly in her GCSEs at St Chris and was very happy there but has moved to Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge for her A levels. Annabelle is now in Year 9 at St Chris and is also very happy and doing very well. We found St Chris a good progression from RMS, with a similar ethos and an emphasis on all round development. It definitely suited/suits our girls who came from Rainbow with plenty of self motivation and loving to learn. Annabelle adjusted to the whole-class based learning in the junior school but did miss the individuality of the choice-based learning at RMS initially, though they really tried to accommodate independent learning for her as much as possible.
    by Charlotte and Annabelle Parent: Debbie

  • Despite our initial anxieties about class sizes and scale of the school Zelda loves LSU. It is a state school which has been both a private school and a Grammar school in the past, it still retains that ethos and structure. Zelda has found her niche and enjoys her time at school, she is in the top stream for most subjects and enjoys clubs like Debate Mate and Science Club. LSU takes from a wide area and Zelda’s friends come from all walks of life which enriches the experience for her.
    by Zelda Parent: Anna

More testimonials below:

Not only has Rainbow Montessori changed my daughter Millie’s life, it’s changed our family life. Millie has always been a very out going child but she always second guessed herself but since starting Rainbow  her way of seeing, learning and speaking have just been amazing. To see my child wake up everyday (even on a weekend) and ask me are we going to nursery today? It’s a delight to hear and to see how happy she is. I can’t recommend Rainbow enough and all the staff at Sherriff Road. The only thing that makes me sad is when the day comes where it’s time to say goodbye to Rainbow Montessori nursery. But then her journey can continue at the Junior School. 😀 I just wish we all could of went to Rainbow Montessori! 🌈 A very big thank you to Rainbow! Love, Millie.P Mummy

I just wanted to express to you how grateful and impressed we have been with Miss Raluca (and her team) at the West Hampstead nursery.

Quincy has been with them for over a year now, and she has yet to say she doesn’t want to go to nursery,regardless of how tired she is in the morning. She really and truly loves it there!

The growth we have seen in her with the care from Miss Raluca has been incredible. I have also been so impressed with Miss Ruki’s way of communicating with parents, children, and with the community in general and prioritizing the needs of the kids, always. So thank you.

We look forward to starting our second daughter in nursery in the near future.


Lillian Petersen (Quincy’s mum)

The environment at Rainbow was an excellent start for Nikhil. It allowed him to learn at his own pace. He has excelled academically and socially making the transition into High School very smooth for him. He has just completed his GCSEs. He is very thankful to Rainbow giving him such a wonderful start in life. Asha DESAI (Past and present parent) Rainbow allowed me to interact with different people of all ages frequently. This socially has helped me a great deal, especially in moving schools. Often than not I use Rainbow materials in my work for various subjects and I can see now, after completing my GCSEs, that Rainbow gave me the best possible start for my future. Rainbow has also taught me to respect others and tray them in the way you would like them to treat you, not any other of the schools I have been to or know friends who attend take this into account as much as Rainbow, who make sure that every child is made to feel comfortable. Learning is also made so fun that when I was there I could not help but take in information on The Volcano or The Timeline, no matter how distorted I may have seemed to be Thanks Rainbow, Nikhil.
I must thank you and all the staff and teachers for the wonderful start you have all given my daughter, Melody Bennett.  The school has been so fabulous for Melody who started Nursery with Miss Maggie at the age of three, joining the Junior School and continuing on with many wonderful teachers and staff, till Melody graduated at eleven years. This is now a confident, intelligent girl, whom in her first senior year is receiving A, A* and A** consistently and praise of excellent, good work and “well done” from her new teachers.  I would like to take the credit but I know it is due to her many happy years at Rainbow. I have a child who has loved attending school and has enjoyed the journey and is doing so well. I thank you and all of your wonderful staff for all their hard work and patience. Yours faithfully, Teresa Hamilton-Smith.
I felt I must write and let you know what has been happening to Lily since she left you wonderful school. As early as February when I attended a parent/teacher evening at St. Margaret's, Lily's form teacher said that Lily was incredibly informed, had already been on all the museum trips they had planned that year, was near the top of her class in math’s and at the top in English. The school were now very interested in Rainbow and what could be done to encourage Montessori girl to join the senior school at St. Margaret's! Last night we attended the end of year concert and prize giving ceremony. Lily was the only girl in the junior school to win two prizes, capturing the "Endeavour Prize" and also the "Music Prize", making Way and I the proudest parents there! (Lily also took the lead in the school musical "The Daniel Jazz"). I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your wonderful staff for giving Lily this excellent start to her education and have no doubt that her success is heavily due to your exemplary care and teaching methods. Montessori is definitely the best possible start for any child. With best regards, Yours sincerely, Sara Thompson. PS:     I have just heard that Lily managed to get a 5 (top grade) in each of SATs exams: English Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Math’s and Science!!
Dear Miss Linda, I am going to miss Rainbow Montessori School a lot. You are a brilliant headmistress. I am going to miss doing math’s. PS: I found it the best school in the world from Archie.
Hi Linda, Re: Catherine Radley (now aged 22) who attended your school 15 years ago!! Following her years with you, Catherine attended Malorees in Brondesbury Park for the next four years and the subsequent years here in Tasmania, Australia. On entering university she was awarded a Scholarship. She also privately tutored from her second year and did research for professors and the Law Reform Society. This year Cat was tutor for the Uni. She graduates next Monday 13th with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law with Honours. Malcolm and I believe those years with you set her up for life as an independent learner who works for herself. She works diligently but not excessively. She played violin, obtaining her grade eight certificate. She has a black belt in karate. In February, Catherine leaves Tasmania to work for the Commonwealth of Australia. Thank you Linda for all the help in Catherine's oh so important early years. You can be very proud of yourself for the part you played in her life. Georgina Radley.
It has been nearly 5 years since Matija started to attend Rainbow Montessori School. Coming from a different school at the age of six it took some persuading before Linda agreed to take him to the school.  Are we glad she did! Matija fitted into the Montessori system perfectly.  That was obviously due to hard work, commitment, patience and love for children of all the teachers in RMS.  The environment created and maintained in the school induces the best in our son. Matija has moved gradually from Elementary 1 to Preparatory Class over the years. He has had different teachers but very high teaching standards always remained.  People tend to take good things for granted after a while. We are no different, so every now and then we look back to remind ourselves of them.  Looking back at how well we have done as parents so far, persuading Linda to admit Matija to RMS was one of the high points.  RMS has been meeting and exceeding our expectations ever since. Thanks you so much. Snezaua PAVLOVIC Goran MILOVANOVIC
Vika and I were talking about Rainbow the other day and we both became nostalgic as things are very different now socially and academically. Although Vika is enjoying her new school very much, I think she misses her old friends and teachers and often mentions how she wishes to visit Rainbow to say hello. Academically, Vika is doing very well and even though she started the school late in the school year, she has caught up and isn't finding the work difficult (in fact Vika is top of the class at IT). She has been writing end of year exams this week and is confident of good results. Best wishes, Gill Silvester. PS  I wanted to thank you again for all the happy years at Rainbow. You are the best!! PPS: (2008): Vika offered scholarship to Ballet School!!
Dear All, As you know Hanna will go back to Germany and her last school day is May 14th.  We are really sorry that Hanna has to leave your school. We want to say thank you. Hanna had a wonderful time at the Rainbow Montessori School and she did great progress during that time. We have visited a couple of other schools around Frankfurt and it is really difficult to find something comparable to your school. We think your school is very special and unique. We felt the passion you all bring into these rooms. Many, many thanks again - you all should be very proud of your school. Kind regards, Michael, Nicole and Hanna.
I don't know what to say except thank you so much for everything. It's hard to believe we've come to an end after all these years! I believe Ned & Dulcie have benefited enormously from Montessori.  The most important thing for me is that they are so well rounded and capable of "seeing others". This is no mean feat and noticeable in all your students past and present. With love, Shelly, Hugh, Ned & Dulcie
Dear Miss Linda, I have had lots of fun at your school and I have learnt a lot. I will miss you. Lots of love,  Jasmine
Thank you for everything you have done for us over the last seven years. I am so proud that Jasmine and Skye have been part of such a beautiful and nurturing environment, where they have been able to grow and envelop at their own pace - with the wonderful guidance and support of you and your lovely staff. I am so, so sad to be leaving but what a wonderful start Jasmine and Skye have been given by Rainbow, the future can only be bright! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love Amanda xxx