Blurb for alive, once live and never alive.

Inspired by a science workshop at Rainbow Montessori Training College one sunny morning together with the children we had a look at things that are alive, looking around us, in our garden naming few insects and living things including the trees and plants and flowers because it is alive. So the children used some hula hoops and decided to sort out the objects for the activity inside the hula hoops, so they stood up inside the hula hoops to show that they are alive.

Also we looked and talk about things that were once alive like furniture and paper, once was a tree that was transformed into a table or paper etc. and we decided to put some wooden spoons inside the hula hoops for once alive.

Then we talked and looked at things that are never alive, we named a few objects like plastic toys, paint, washing machine etc. and we decided to put some plastic building blocks inside the hula hoop for never alive!

Miss Tabita






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