Summer Term 2013

 We would like to welcome back all the children and parents and of course to all the new parents, children that joined us this term! Hopefully you had a great and exciting holiday and really enjoyed your break!



This term our topic is MINIBEASTS... we will be looking at different animals, what they look like, what type of food they eat, where they live, the interesting life facts about insects, arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods and molluscs, the different groups of mini beasts. 

Also we will be looking at life cycles, body parts, body features, amazing facts about the little animals around us, the different colours, names and texture, and why we are so lucky to have them around us.

Together with our topic theme we will be working towards all the Montessori areas around the well prepared environment, both indoors and outdoors. Cultural areas including festivals and different parts from around the world that relates to our topic,

Hopefully you will all join me when I say ‘’let the new term begin!’’ with lots of fun and challenging activities thoughtfully prepared and looking forward to a prosperous and colourful term.

P.S. to all our wonderful parents if you have any ideas related to our topic this term(lesson, outings) and also festivals that are celebrated around the world or your own country please feel free to speak to Ms Tabita and bring your own contribution to the children learning!

Thank you!


Ms. Tabita,

Head Teacher


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