Dear Parents,


We are really thrilled to announce a really exciting development taking place here at Rainbow Montessori School.


At the school, we are repeatedly asked important questions by parents and prospective parents about the Montessori Method.


So we have jumped right in and created a set of 5 You Tube videos which explain the fundamental questions surrounding Montessori


rainbow question markrainbow question mark


Questions such as:

How does Montessori work? 
What are the fundamental principles of Montessori?  
How does it differ from ’traditional’ education methods?   

These 3 minute videos go through the fundamentals of the Montessori Philosophy and explain the most important elements of this wonderful and life-changing method.

These videos have been produced in association with our very own Rainbow Montessori Training College and feature Miss Sara, the head of College.



We will be releasing each video once a week between now and the end of term

and we'll let you know when each new one is up!


To see the first two!! Follow the link below:











We are very excited at producing these and please, please, let us have your feedback!

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