Welcome back to a new term at Queens Park Rainbow Montessori Nursery!

A huge welcome to our new students, Emalia, Enzo and Rocco, we hope you will enjoy yourselves &

This term, as the weather improves, we will be outside a lot more.  

We have lots of planned activities in the garden and trips up to Queens Park and at the end of May, we will have a trip to the Education centre in Hampstead Heath for a Seasonal Walk that focuses on the changes the sun brings to our natural world. We will also be looking at trees and insects.  

After half term, we will be exploring sound, the science of sound, sounds in nature, musical instruments, and the orchestra and performing, culminating in our end of term show, when we will perform our favourite bits from the year.

On Thursday 25th April we are in for a special treat! We will be going to the Junior school, by coach, where Animal man, Charles Mason, will show us some fantastic animals. It will be a lot of fun as all four Rainbow Montessori sites will be together!

We are happy to be back and are looking forward to a lovely, sunny, Summer Term.

Miss Anna F, Miss Lore & Miss Anna A.



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