Dear Parents,


Welcome back!

  The second half of the summer term has begun with all activities taking place as usual and we have also started preparing for the end of the term show.


On Tuesday, 5th June 2018, the children learned about  "World Oceans Day". 

Looking at pictures they named some of the creatures that live in the ocean:  Whale, Dolphin, Seahorse, Octopus, Starfish, Clownfish, Crab, Turtle and Jellyfish.  After, we had a brief discussion on how we all can make the ocean a safe home for ocean habitat, by using recyclable materials, not throwing plastic bottles and bags into seas, rivers and the oceans. Some of the children commented by saying, "I don't throw plastics into the rivers.  I throw it into the bin." 


In the afternoon, they had a go at physical activities by leaping as a dolphin, whizzing as a fish, ripple like an octopus, rock like a seahorse and jumping like a starfish. 


On the actual celebration day, Friday 8th June 2018, the children watched a five minutes video clip entitled, Wolly and Tig - World Ocean Day/ A Day at The Beach.


Please remember Rainbow Montessori Nursery School is a Nut Free environment and please do not bring any food that contains nut in it. Grapes can pose a choking hazard in small children; therefore, it must be cut in small pieces.  

 Also, please make sure your child/children have their sun hat with them. 

Thank you!

The Queens Park Team


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