Dear Parents,

Our end of the year show at Rainbow Montessori Nursery, Queens Park will take place on Friday 20th of July 2018. Preparation is underway, and the theme is entitled ‘The Community.’

It will be led by the dance teacher, Miss Patricia and highlights the people that work in the community: teachers, doctors, postmen, postwomen, bakers …etc).  It also considers the flora and fauna that are part of our close environment; some of the children will be dressing up as animals and flowers that live in the community parks. The children have also been practising some songs in Mandarin and Makaton with Miss Christina. 

For the last two weeks the children have been enjoying the summer weather by engaging in various fun and educational activities.

To go along with the World Cup, last week, a group of children had a mini football game in the garden and it was amazing to witness their skills and potentials.

Based on the topic, ‘Montessori Science - The Earth,’ the older children have participated in the ‘Sun Game,’ with Miss Christina.  The image of the sun was placed in the middle and colour coded sets of cards including flowers, fruits, vegetables and trees, were put around the sun introducing the concept of the food chain.  While enjoying the warm sunny weather, some of the children did shadow drawings of farm animals, and later indoors they learned the names of the farm animals and babies: sheep, lamb...  

Also, one of the activities was about conducting an erupting volcano science experiment. The children experimented and discussed their findings with Miss Christina.   


Wednesday 20th June 2018, in the afternoon, Miss Kerrylea brought her pet Giant African Land Snail called Katie the Snail.  The children took turns to hold Katie the Snail in their hands, looked at her in amazement and wonder.

They learned about what she eats (cucumber and other vegetables) and what kind of environment she lives in. 



Thursday, 21st June 2018, Clara’s and Arianna’s grandmother, Jeany Burner visited the nursery and read story books to a group of children before flying back to Australia the next day.


Wednesday, 28th June 2018, some of the children had water splash fun as it was a sunny afternoon and the weather was suitable to do so. Weather permitting, there will be more Water Splash days for the next couple of weeks.   


Queens Park Team


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