Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Summer Term - we hope you enjoyed your holiday and didn’t eat too much chocolate!




We have an exciting new term ahead: we have changed the classroom environment, so that we can enjoy the warm sunny weather to come (fingers crossed!) and create an outside classroom.

We want to encourage the children to use the outside environment with a more purposeful scope and benefit from all that nature has to offer.



This term we have a very exciting topic – Food From Around the World!

We will be focusing on how to keep healthy, what our bodies need to be healthy and strong, and we’ll also be preparing, cooking and tasting food from around the world.

Since we are so lucky to have a varied multicultural classroom with different backgrounds, we would like you, the parents, to contribute to this term’s topic. We would like to invite you to cook something traditional from your country and share that with the children.

Also if you feel brave we would love to have you come and do a small presentation for the children in which you could show different games, rhymes, poems, traditional stories or national dress from your specific country.


We are so lucky to have all of you and hope that you will embrace this opportunity and be a part of our classroom for a day!

Looking forward to the new term and welcoming all of you back.

The Queens Park Team


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