Dear parents,

A very warm welcome to a new term at Rainbow Montessori Queen’s Park Nursery.

All of the team here are very pleased to see you and welcome our new parents and children. We are excited to have you as part of our ever growing family and we hope that your time with us brings many happy moments to remember and cherish.




Our team has been busy over the festive season preparing the classroom and lessons for all our children at Rainbow. Together, as we get to know our new starters, we will endeavour to make every day a positive and fruitful experience for all. Great attention has been paid to arranging the environment and to the organization of activities, materials and books in order to support all our lessons. We do this to ensure all the children are safe, happy and continue to flourish as a community.



This terms theme and projects will be an exciting exploration of colour. We have decided to call this term ‘The Colours in my World’.

Colour matters to children as it plays a vital role in all our visual experiences. The use of colour and participation in creative activities is fundamental to children’s development. Apart from being lots of fun, art helps aesthetic development, fine motor skills, expressing and learning emotions, self-expression and speech. We hope that this terms activities are an enjoyable and bonding experience for all our children and will help us, as a team, get to know you and them better.



So, if you have any ideas, suggestions, games or stories please do not hesitate to let us know!

Wishing you all a wonderful term ahead!

The Queens Park Rainbow Montessori Nursery Team

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