Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the new school year!

We would like to welcome our new children and also our new full-time Montessori teachers, Miss Annick and Miss Tsehay.

Sadly, therefore, Miss Ciaran who has been a part time temporary member of staff will not be returning to the nursery this term.  

Rainbow wishes her well for the future

This term our theme is Autumn which will allow us to explore the season as it unfolds as well as the many festivals that take place in it. If you have any autumn finds or books that you would like to share with us, please bring them in and give to Miss Rajka at the door. If you as a parent would like to share one of the festivals or any special skills with us, please speak to Miss Rajka at the door so we can arrange an appropriate time for a visit.

Your child has been allocated a member of staff as a key person who along with all members of staff will support, observe and plan for them. Please check the list on the notice board to familiarise yourself with their key person.

Our class rep (Hermione's' dad, Christopher) will be updating our telephone tree in order for you all to share your contact details with other parents for play dates etc. If you would like your details added, kept an eye out for the sign-up sheet which is on the entrance table.

We are continuing with our activities (dance, yoga, cooking and Mandarin) and are introducing a new activity, Makaton. 

  • Do not forget to read our school policies which are available through the Rainbow Montessori website.

  • Please let the office know if your child is absent for  a session due to illness, holiday, etc.

  • Please make sure all items of clothing are labelled, it can be very difficult to decide which piece of Rainbow clothing belongs to which child if there is no name to help us.

  • We are very happy for the children to bring topic  related books or items (please label them) to share with us at school, but please ensure they leave their toys at home. There are plenty of activities for the children at school and we know how upsetting it can be if something special gets lost at school.

  • When your child celebrates their birthday, we like to have a special birthday group at school. They can bring a selection of photos spanning their life and/or some clothes that they may have worn as a tiny baby so we can see how much they have grown. Due to our no cake policy, we would ask you to bring some fruit or another healthy alternative if the children would like to bring something to distribute to  their friends.

  • Please remember to bring your child's art folder and bag (fully stocked with their indoor shoes and an adequate supply of spare clothes, nappies, wipes, etc.) at the beginning of the week and take them  home at the end of the week.

  • Please remember to sign up to EYLog so you can access our observations of your child. You should have received an e-mail with a pin number in order for you to set up your account. If there are any problems, please check your spam folder or let us know so the e-mail can be resent.


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