Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

We would like to welcome Aidan, Hyder, Jacks, Max and their families to Rainbow Montessori Nursery School, Queens Park.


The topics for this term, Summer 2018, are:  

Life Cycles (of a butterfly, frog, sunflower,etc)

Farm Animals (life in the barn, adult and baby farm animals)

Montessori Science (Earth, Air, Water & Light)


The following extra curriculum activities will start in the 2nd week of term  Yoga, Dance, Cooking, Science experiments and simple music sessions will run as normal.  The children will be exploring the art work of the Jackson Pollack, a painter who was well known for his unique style of drip painting.  There will be a lot of opportunities to splash out summer colours and learn to make  art work with paints and various tools the same as Pollack. 

Each week the children will be re-introduced and be encouraged to practise Grace & Courtesy as taught within the Montessori curriculum. These are:  greeting, thanking, excusing oneself, interrupting, offering help and introducing oneself among other social skills.  

Image result for sun clip art  As the weather is getting warmer, the children will be more out in the garden doing some gardening, exploring nature, such as observing the insects, the plants and the flowers that are found there.  Please make sure your child wears suitable clothing according to weather, for example, a sun hat and put on sun cream before coming to the nursery if necessary.  Also, please keep a spare sun cream along with additional spare clothes in his/her blue bag. 

Some of you have expressed interest to come in and do activities with the children.  It will be great to have you on board.  Parts of your proposals include making arts & crafts, reading a story and music & movement activities. We welcome all these and are opened to more ideas and suggestions. When you can, please talk to Miss Tsehay to arrange a suitable day so that it can be organised and  take place during this term.

We look forward to a fantastic term ahead.

The Queens Park Team 

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