Dear Parents,

For the following two weeks you are invited to come and observe your child in her/his classroom. As you know, all relevant information on how the day has been are shared on a daily basis. The observation day will give you a chance to see how your child works and interacts in the classroom in general.  You will also be able to discuss briefly his or her progress and the next steps with the key person of your child.  

The children have now completed Mondrian style art, entitled, Composition of Red, Yellow and Blue I, II, III.  On the day of your visit, please have a look at the collection of their work on display in the classroom board.

Today, Friday 16th March 2018, Miss Maggy did an art activity with the children, making St. Patrick's Day cards and hand ribbons.  Miss Annick taught the children about the history of St. Patrick and the festival on the country of Ireland.  


Following the Montessori teaching, children are encouraged to be independent by putting away safely their belongings and tidying up when they have finished doing activities. In this process, sometimes their belongings like hats' scarves, sweaters, food containers and alike could end up being misplaced.  Thank you very much for your understanding and for bringing the items back when you find them placed in your child's bag by mistake. Please make sure all belongings are clearly named.

By any chance if you find a small blue hat that is labelled EK, or a light blue one, please remember to bring it back to the nursery.




Last but not least we would like to welcome Miss Maria who will be joining our team from Monday 19th March as a Nursery Teacher.


Welcome to Rainbow Miss Maria

Hi, I am Maria from Barcelona.

I am delighted to join Rainbow Montessori School. I heard a lot about this nursery and it is a pleasure for me to be able to work here.

 I arrived in London 3 years ago and I worked as nursery teacher in a Montessori nursery and as tutor in an autistic school. I am also teaching in the Catalan school on Saturdays.

I have more than 10 years’ experience in the education sector. I worked with different models of Spanish schools where I have also held other positions such as coordinator for pre-school education, class leader, and music, science and psychomotor specialist. In addition, I have also worked as an instructor in sports and outdoors environmental activities.  I love travelling and learning about other cultures and nature environments.

I believe in the Montessori teaching methodology. Since I was a child, Montessori has been involved in my life through my family and my Primary School. I cannot wait to learn and put all my knowledge into practice.

 I am ready! 😊


The Queens Park Team

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