Dear Parents,

This week, in their outdoors play time, the children enjoyed their newly refurbished play house (Wendy). It looks homely and cosy, providing a space where children can engage in various imaginative role plays. This in return will facilitate their social and emotional development as well as language and communication skills.


Jack turned three on Saturday, 3rd March 2018!  On Tuesday, 6th March, he celebrated his special day at the nursery with the, "Montessori Birthday Walk."  Holding a small globe in his hands, he walked around the sun, while a teacher talked about his growth and development time line since birth till now, accompanied with'The earth goes around the sun," song.


It has been a while since children brought fruit from home for sharing.  A bowl with the fruit is kept in the foyer for the children. As and when you can, it would be great if your child could bring fruit in. 

Remember that if it’s for sharing, please keep it separately from your child’s snack food.  

Happy Mother's Day!

The Queens Park Team


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