Dear Parents and Carers,

This week, we welcomed Phoenix and his family to our school.

Science lesson was focused on a extended activity of experimenting with colours.  The children enjoyed adding colours to a bowl of milk and watched as the colours mixed in with the milk and made different patterns.

Happy Birthday to Noah who turned 3 on the 26th, and Happy Birthday to Ketzia who turned 4 on the 27th September 2017.  They both celebrated their birthday and did the Montessori birthday walk while their life timeline was told from birth until now. This is a really special Montessori activity that all the children enjoy.

This week's cooking activity was making Scones. The chilldren ate their scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream for their afteroon snack.

In Mandarin class the children are learning about "My Family," how to say mummy, daddy, brother, sister, etc. We also continue to implement Makaton (sign language) to support children's language development.  So far, children are responding really well and you will be able to see their achievements in their upcoming Christmas show.

In addition, based on 'This term Artist' project, learning about Henry Matisse's work, the children have been making their version of art entitled, "The Snail." Please come to the classroom and see their lovely work displayed on the board entitled, "Henri Matisse, The Snail."


On Thursday we had "Grandparents Day."  Four of our children's grandparents paid a visit to the nursery where they had a chance to look around the classroom and get involved in some hands on activities, e.g., threading, rolling and cutting out shapes from playdough.


A gentle reminder to please be aware that the door CLOSES at 9:00 am for the morning session to begin.  The doorbell being rung by latecomers disrupts the session for both the children and the teacher's so please make every effort to arrive on time.


Thank you


Queens Park Team


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