Dear Parents,


This week the children were busy exploring Montessori science under the theme of Light.  We put up some CDs hanging around in the garden where the children could experiment and see how light travels and how it converts into the colours of the Rainbow.


Monday afternoon’s cooking activity with Miss Dushka was dedicated to make a colourful, Rainbow-like vegetable and fruit kebab.  


After preparing it, the children enjoyed eating the fresh and raw vegetables:  yellow peppers, green peppers, radishes, carrots and plums fruit.


On Tuesday afternoon, we had another 'water splash day' in the nursery.  The children wearing their swimming costumes had a lot of fun jumping into a large bucket filled with water and splashing the water over, again and again.  There was a lot of excitement with many physical activities taking place while they ran through a hose water spray. 


Carrying on the same subject of exploring 'light,’ Thursday’s science activity focused on making a rainbow using a torch light, a glass of water and observing the reflection it gave on a white paper.  Afterwards, we blew bubbles in the garden and the children were encouraged to see the bubbles or orbs hovering around and shimmering with the colours of the rainbow, before they popped!


While enjoying the sun and making the most of it, the children were also drinking water regularly, and taking a break from the sun by going indoors or moving into the shade.

Next week's topic will be on 'Sun Safety.'


                                        The Queens Park Team



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