What incredible weather we have had this week! The children have spent much time out in the garden and one of the highlights of their week was painting the garden fence in rainbow colours! This was not only fun for the children but it also supported their manipulative skills, creativity and social skills. Please do have a look at their work in progress!

(Next to the Wendy House area).

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In Cookery, this week the children made fresh lemonade - it was so refreshing on such a hot sunny day! This is another activity that would have supported the children's manipulative skills as they squeezed the lemons and poured the lemonade.

Another activity that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children was the weighing and comparing of uncooked popcorn kernels and cooked popcorn. Of course, the highlight was eating the popcorn afterwards!

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On Tuesday, we celebrated Maisie's' birthday with the Montessori birthday walk and song.

Happy 4th birthday Maisie!

As the hot weather is expected to continue, please remember to provide your child with a (named) sun hat and apply sun lotion before dropping your child in the morning. Thank you

With all best wishes

The Queen's Park Team


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