Dear Parents,

This week the children have been enjoying the outdoor area by having snacks in the garden, planting some watercress, watering the plants and having a lot of fun while learning!


Thanking each other or how and when to say, 'Thank You,' was the focus of Montessori grace and courtesy practice of the week. The theme topic was about the Life Cycle of a Frog and the lesson was complemented by making 'a frog' art activity.


In our previous cooking class, Monday 30th May, Miss Dushka and the children prepared a delicious snack by making a Caterpillar using grapes, celery, cucumber, sugar free jam and tiny marshmallow pieces.




On Wednesday, 9th May 2018, Mother Christine from Saint Annes and Saint Andrews church visited the nursery and read a story to the children entitled, Edward The EMU.  All the children sat beautifully and listened to the story. They got engaged by calling out the animal’s names from the book and they were all pleased to hear that Mother Christine will be back soon with more stories to tell!


The Queens Park Team  


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