Dear Parents,

We are pleased to welcome Aurelia and family to Rainbow Montessori School.

On Thursday 22nd February, the children enjoyed an event,” Little Italy Carnival”, in their nursery.  After watching a short video clip about "Carnevale,” most of the children wore the beautiful masks they had made and danced all together to the tune of Italian music. 



On Wednesday 28th February 2018 the local Vet will visit the nursery and talk to the children about pets. 

Please can your child bring the following:

- Children who do not have a pet(s) at home, may bring a picture of their favourite one.  This can be taken from a magazine, online or any other source.

- Children who have a family pet at home, please bring a picture of your pet. 

We look forward to our visit from the vet who will explain to the children the importance of caring for a pet and all animals.



This year's 'World book day 2018' will take place on Thursday, 1st March 2018. Children can bring a book from home and we will be doing ‘show and tell' during group time.  We love the idea of ’Share a book,’ and we are planning to share a story with the children, and then each child takes the story home and shares it with you.  Therefore, after the day at the nursery, please ask your child,

"What's the story you'd like to share with me?" 

and encourage them to tell you the story or show you the book at home that they like most. 

Also, please feel free to allow your child to come to the nursery dressed up as one of their favourite characters from a story book, if they wish to do so.


Queens Park Team

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