Dear Parents,

We are approaching the end of term and Thursday 29th March 2018 will be our last day. The Easter Holiday's commence on the 30th March and Summer term will resume on Wednesday, 25th April 2018.

This week, children were busy doing Easter themed arts and crafts activities to welcome in Spring.

The snow from last weekend provided a good opportunity to teach the children how they could contribute towards caring for their animal friends that live in the surrounding area. Monday afternoon, 19th March 2018, they were prompted to make an apple bird feeder to help birds find enough food during the coldest days of the year.  As it can be found almost in all aspects of Montessori teaching, within one activity children learn indirectly many various skills and develop their understanding of the world in many ways. 

To make the bird feeder, whole apples, sunflower seeds in their shell, strings and some sticks were used. By inserting the sunflower seeds into the apple, the children were refining their fine motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination as well as their concentration. Counting their share of sunflower seeds contributed towards maths, new vocabulary such as: sunflower, seeds, holding, hanging, tree, insert, perch and bird feeder added to the language and supplemented their understanding of the world as well as their creative, social and emotional developments.


22nd March 2018, on their Thursday afternoons’ weekly science experiment activity, the children examined liquid rainbows with Miss Annick and the colourful effect that is so fascinating to see for everybody.   Skittles were placed in a circle, on a white plate, and the children observed when the colour and sugar dissolved in water and later diffused with the water.  The liquid rainbow activity was finished by children and teachers looking at the colours and singing,

“I can sing a Rainbow, I can sing a rainbow, red, and yellow, and pink and green…”. 

The Queens Park Team



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