Dear Parents/Carers

Another very exciting week at Rainbow Queens Park.

The children were very excited for grandparents/relative’s day. They were busy preparing healthy snacks (hummus and avocado sandwiches with cucumber and radishes).

They also made fresh lemon juice for them to enjoy.

The service was spot on and no complaint has been received so far 🙂

Grandparents were very pleased with the effort made by the children and had a jolly good time - especially practicing yoga poses.


During the science lesson, children were working with magnets and they were talking about what materials do magnet attracts. They were extending ideas and looking for the object (that attracts magnets) inside the classroom and in the garden. 


Children are making excellent progress in practicing Christmas songs in Mandarin and Makaton. Huge thank you to Malorie (Ketzia's mum) for coming to school and talking to children about Thanksgiving Day on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate.

The Queen's Park Team


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