Dear Parents,

The children have been watching the caterpillars grow and become chrysalis. Next week, the butterflies will be ready to be released and we’ll watch them fly free in the garden. 


This week the younger group of children had a food tasting session with Miss Stacey. The children daily enjoy healthy vegetables for their snacks such as fresh cucumbers, peppers and carrots, they were also enriching their vocabularies (sweet, crunchy, soft, red, veg) by describing how a particular vegetable was like: colour, taste, and name.   


Please remember, we have a fruit and vegetable sharing basket and it needs your donations, as and when you can. A big thank you to all of you who have been contributing so far.  


On our Tuesday's famous artist's exploration activity, some of the children have started making Jackson Pollack's painting style, known as "drip and splash all over."

They have enjoyed creating abstract expressions, soon to be exhibited across the classroom display boards.

The Queens Park Team

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