Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back and hope you all had a good half-term.

We welcome Diya and Themba as well as their families to Rainbow Montessori Nursery School.

The first week after the half-term has started with the excitement of dressing up for Halloween.  A huge "Thank You," to Ketzia's mum, Malorie for providing all art and craft materials and doing the activity with the children.  

The celebration of the Jewish New Year in September and Diwali in October have helped to introduce children to these festivals, and contributed to their understanding of the world.  At the moment, the children are preparing for their Christmas show and are eager to share it with you on the day.



Also, a huge "Thank You" for Phoenix parents for coming in on Thursday morning and playing the guitar and singing songs to the children.

They thoroughly enjoyed it!

Happy Birthday to Themba who turned 3 on Monday, 30th October 2017.  His birthday was acknowledged and celebrated through the Montessori Birthday Walk.  

Just a reminder next term Spring 2018, French will be available at Queens Park. Please email the office if you would like your child to attend. 

Also as the weather is getting colder we remind parents to send your children with suitable clothing like a scarf, gloves and a hat.

Please don't forget to label them.

The Queens Park Team


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