Dear Parents and Carers,

We start by saying a very big 'Thank You' for the food that you kindly donated for Harvest Festival. 

The children were very happy to take the collection and visit the church upstairs.  Mother Christine told the children a lovely story and they all listened incredibly well.



This week's Science experiment was about developing skills as future Scientists.  The children enjoyed measuring their own height and made comparisons using mathematical vocabularies such as; "Taller than me, shorter, same as me ...."


The children were also busy learning how to take photographs.  Using the school tablets, they were shown and encouraged to take a picture of what they see and like in the environment.  Their work is now displayed in the classroom board entitled, "Through the eyes of a child."  Please do come in and have a look at their great work.


Another exciting activity of the week was making, "Energy Balls," in our cooking class. The children had a go in making them by mixing healthy ingredients and having it for their snack.  If you would like to make them at home with your children, come and ask Miss Dushka for the recipe.

A big 'Thank You' to Malorie, Ketzia's mum for coming to our school to talk about the Jewish New Year festival, A Rosh Hashanah Celebration. The children and teachers enjoyed apples dipped in honey and a slice of Challah (bread).  Malorie sung 'Apple Dipped in Honey" song and shared a story entitled, 'Happy Birthday World,' that talks about the Jewish New Year where people give presents to others, going to the Synagogue and all about how it is celebrated all over the world.


Queens Park Team


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