Dear Parents,

This week, we welcomed Allegra and her family to Rainbow Montessori Nursery, Queens Park.


"Happy 4th Birthday to Bianca."  "Happy 4th Birthday Avery."  "Happy 3rd Birthday to Nova." 

On Thursday, 19th January, three children celebrated their special day with the, "Montessori Birthday Walk." Each of them walked around the sun, carrying a small globe in their hands, while a teacher narrated their growth and development story accompanied with 'The earth goes around the sun" song.


The children who attended last Monday afternoon, received the visit of the local firefighter’s team.  Along with the crew, they tried out the safety helmets, sprayed water from a fire hose and went inside the fire engine and looked around.  Afterwards a teacher gave a lesson on what number to call in case of emergency (999), and discussed with the children how firefighters save lives.  The children said, " Firefighters save cats from the top of a tree,” and "They put out a fire."


We requested the visit to happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  However, for this term, the fire brigade was only able to come on Monday the 15th January. The teachers will continue to give lessons on the topic, and all children will be taking part in games and activities related to fire safety.

Please make sure your children have a spare pair of clothes available to change into, as sometimes they get wet while doing water and other activities.

The Queens Park Team 


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