Dear Parents,

Firstly, we would like to welcome Salvatore and his family to Rainbow!

This week we had a birthday celebration for Blanche who turned 3 on Monday. We celebrated her birthday with her friends by doing the Montessori birthday walk.

This week we started off with our science experiment 'Sink and Float'. Children used different objects and were asked to put them in the water to find out which one will float, and which one will sink. At the end of the experiment we discussed why some objects float and some sink.

We received very knowledgeable comments from the children.

Children were also busy preparing props for the Christmas show by making a snowman as part of an art ⛄ activity.

Children are enjoying the mindfulness session with Miss Rajka. Practicing mindful awareness helps children develop concentration and self-awareness. See below the photos of mindful hearing, mindful breathing and mindful eating.

Just a reminder next week we have Grandparents/relative day on Wednesday 22nd November at 10:00am.


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We wish you all a lovely weekend!

The Queen's Park Team


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