Welcome back to everyone old friends and new friends!

We would like to extend a big welcome to our newcomers Luca, Fehintola and Sonny and welcome them into the Rainbow Montessori Queens Park family! We look forward to get to know each one of them and hope they will enjoy their time with us.

This year we are happy to introduce a new addition to our staff – Miss Lissele – who will be studying for the Montessori Childhood Diploma with Rainbow Montessori Training College, starting this September.



As the Autumn term settles in, the children of the Queens Park Nursery will be busy exploring their classroom and garden, new and old favourite materials and engaging in lots of fun activities.

Autumn is such a wonderful time for a variety of sensory experiences and as the weeks go by we will be exploring all the exciting things this season has to offer – we will be scooping, pouring, twisting and spreading apple butter on crackers, pumpkin scrubbing, crunching the different textures of sand, stones and leaves beneath our feet, observing and discussing the many different creatures that live in our garden or local park and other fun-filled activities that will encourage the children to explore, investigate and experience all that nature has to offer.




Our term’s topic is nursery rhymes; these rhymes can serve as a bridge between the home and school and we are sure that many of you have shared favourite nursery rhymes with your child at home. We will be acting out some of the favourite rhymes with puppets or impromptu costumes, unravel the riddle of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and make Miss Muffet’s curd and whey.

As always if you have a favourite rhyme that you will like to share with us we look forward to welcome you in our nursery and participate in one of our morning time groups.

We are excited to be back and looking forward to a new school year!


Miss Lore, Miss Anna & Miss Lissele


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