Dear Parents and Carers,

This week the children have been busy with many different activities.

As part of developing their practical life skills, the children were shown how to use some kitchen utensils safely. They then practised slicing and peeling their own vegetables and fruits.

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Cleaning the outdoors tables and chairs was another activity of everyday living that the children carried out enthusiastically.  

Our science experiment was finding which materials absorb water and which ones dont.  The children were inquisitive and were engaged fully in their experiment.  It was great to see their eagerness as the activity helps them to develop observation, enquiry skills and make predictions about changes in materials.  

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If you would like to come and tell a story or any other activity, please talk to Miss Rajka to arrange a suitable date and time. 

In our next blog, we will inform you about the activities that are going to be facilitated by parents from our setting.

Friday the 20th October 2017 - Miss Linda Day. For this special day we ask all children to come to nursery wearing something pink.


Queens Park Team


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