Dear Parents,

Last week we had a visit from the local vet from the Petcare Clinic Queens Park at our nursery. The programme started off with Miss Christina singing, "How much is that doggy in the window," followed by the veterinarian giving a lesson on pet care.

The children were happy to meet the dog

that the vet brought along who only has one eye since birth. The children learned that the puppies are born with their eyes closed and they open their eyes after a few days. She showed the children a very long tooth brush that is used for brushing the animals' teeth. 

She explained baby dogs are called puppies and baby cats are called kittens.

This week, to express their appreciation to Petcare Clinic, the children will be preparing a "Thank You," card. 

We will also be extending the lesson in developing social skills and courtesy by focusing on saying "Thank you." 

We will post the card to Pet Clinc,49 Lonsdale Rd, London, NW6 6RA, and the children will be catching up with the activities and lessons on "The day in the life of the postman."  They will be looking at the kind of job the local postman and the post office carryout every day, how the letters are transported from place to place and what things are required to send letters (e.g., stamps, addresses, envelopes and means of transportation, to name a few.) 

We will encourage children to bring in envelopes of letters received, if there are any available at home.

Queens Park Team


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