Dear Parents,

Last week we welcomed Zachary and his family to Rainbow Montessori Nursery School, Queens Park.

Weekly classes of Mandarin, Yoga, Dance, cooking as well as French have fully begun.

Sofia turned three and she celebrated her birthday at the nursery with the Montessori Birthday Walk. 

Holding a globe, she walked around the sun once for each year of her life while a teacher spoke about key points of her development from birth until now.

On Friday, 12 January 2018, Mrs Christina Candel, a registered nurse and health educator, volunteered to come to our nursery.

Through a fantastic and engaging workshop, she taught the class how to look after their teeth, healthy eating and how to keep healthy. 

The programme was organised to complement our topic of the term,

"People Who Help Us." 

In the afternoon during cooking class, the children made kebabs from fruits and vegetables and enjoyed them for their snack.  


We have noticed that some of the children’s lunch or snack bags were sent containing chocolates and almond croissants.  At RMS, we promote healthy eating, therefore sweets and chocolates aren't allowed in the setting.

Please remember we are a nut free nursery.


This week,  Monday 15th January 2018, fire officers will be coming to share with the children what their job as firefighters entails and to provide fire safety education.  

Please, if you would like to come to the nursery and do some activities with the children, read a story, or arts and craft, you are most welcome.

 We enjoy working in partnership with parents and the children will also benefit in many ways. 

If you have any ideas, please let Miss Tsehay know about it and a suitable date and time could be arranged.

With many thanks

The Queens Park Team


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