This week the children were busy making their own colourful ties in preparation for Father's Day! In Cookery, the children made fresh hummus and enjoyed eating it with some carrot sticks. Yum!

Our Science experiment this week was all about exploring the formation of rainbows. Through the use of a mirror, torch and a glass of water, the children could get a sense of how rainbows are formed!

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Another topic explored this week was Recycling. The children were introduced to the different types of materials we can recycle (for example, paper, glass, cardboard, plastic). The children are now keen to recycle what they can in the classroom (especially after snack time and lunch!).

A big thank you to Mother Christine for reading to the children this week.

In the garden, the children enjoyed exploring the Montessori activity, 'Land, Water and Earth jars'. They were already incredibly knowledgeable about the importance of these 3 elements and it was lovely to see them sharing their knowledge and ideas with each other.

A gentle reminder to please place buggies, scooters and bikes against the fence behind the nursery gate on arrival. When possible please fold your buggies so that we can maximise garden space for the children.

Thank you for understanding!

Finally, we would like to wish Beatrice and her family all the very best with their move to the country. Please come back and visit us!

The Queen's Park Team


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