Nursery Information

2018    - Ofsted Report -  Queens Park Nursery:  ‘Partnerships between staff and parents are strong’

Ofsted Inspector gave our Queens Park Nursery a full investigation in September 2018 and noted that:

Staff confidently know how children learn and develop through play. Children make good progress in relation to their starting points.
Staff prepare children well for the next stages in their learning and development, including the move on to school.
Children benefit from a calm and caring learning environment. They settle readily and make friends to play with easily. Children are confident to ask for help when needed.

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2017    - Ofsted Report -  West Hampstead Nursery:  ‘Parents are pleased with the good service they receive from this attentive team.’

Ofsted Inspector gave our West Hampstead Nursery a full investigation in September 2017  and noted that:

Children benefit from a welcoming and nurturing learning environment. They settle well and make friends to play with. They are confident to ask for help when needed.

Children who speak English as an additional language achieve equally well. Staff prepare children well for the next stages in their learning and development.

They say that their children progress well and look forward to coming to nursery

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National Curriculum / Rainbow Curriculum

National Curriculum

Rainbow's curriculum is clearly laid out with reference to the government's attainment targets and key stages, enabling parents to clearly understand their child's progress. Montessori education is particularly suited to achieving the cross-curriculum approach encouraged by the National Curriculum. The idea of cross-curriculum themes was originated by Dr. Montessori and is achieved by regular project work encompassing and developing many different subjects at the same time.

Rainbow Curriculum

The emphasis in the Montessori classroom is on the inter-related nature of the various subjects taught.

Traditional areas of study are complemented by subjects reflecting a rapidly changing world

Extracurricular Activities

Confirmed each term

In addition to core subjects, a number of optional classes are available including:





Drama and Story Telling



Dance and Movement

Yoga/ Well-being and Mindfulness

Sensory Play

Instrumental Music and Drumming


All Rainbow Montessori class teachers are fully qualified by a recognized Montessori college both here and abroad.

Currently at our nurseries there are 5 full time and part time teachers and 3 visiting teachers, most of whom have degree qualifications in addition to their Montessori diplomas.

Additionally, teachers and/or staff hold the relevant qualifications in the following areas: Fire Marshalling, First Aid, , Health and Hygiene, Child Protection, and Special Educational Needs.

General Information

It is a requirement that all requests for leave o f absences are addressed in writing to the RMS Head Office, with as much notice as possible please.

If a child is unable to attend through sickness, telephone as soon as possible and confirm it in writing on the child's return to school. If your child is likely to be late for school, please telephone the RMS Head Office 0207 328 8986 by 9.30am.

There are three terms of school per year. Each term is between 12 and 13 weeks long. Half term is one week. Exact dates are displayed on our nursery notice board and on our website .

Parents Welcome!

You play a vital role in your child's education and we try to maintain a very open communication with you. We welcome parents to come and share culture, talents, or help on outings. Each nursery has a parent representative to help inform you of current events and future plans and parents are given regular updates.

Contact Information

Our Head Office is:  125 Salusbury Road, London, NW6 6RG

Our contact telephone number (both in and out of term time) is: 0207 328 8986

To contact the Proprietor:  John Madden or Head of Nurseries : Maggy Miller.

Please call or write to the school address on the contact us page.