Hello Rainbow Parents,

As some of you may or may not be aware, it is my last day today in the Rainbow Office office as I will be going on Maternity Leave!

Having been working in the School Office for 5 years it has been a great pleasure getting to know you the parents as well as your children! I will thoroughly miss the hustle and bustle of the busy office as well as working alongside my brilliant colleagues Miss Laura and Miss Rita, but now I am definitely looking forward to putting my feet up!

In Autumn Term 2015, Miss Dushka will be joining the Rainbow Office team and taking over my Office role.  Miss Dushka will be working alongside the wonderful Miss Laura and I am sure you will all make her feel welcome here at Rainbow!

I hope you all have a brilliant summer and I of course will keep in touch with the school to let you all know when my new arrival is here!

Bye bye for now!

Miss Kashmira

Baby Shower Fun!

On Friday 3rd July 2015, Miss Laura organised a fabulous Baby Shower for myself!

That morning I had a balloon in a box waiting for me to open in the office, with a lovely Nellie elephant teddy!

The Baby Shower was filled with lots of laughter, fun and games such Pin the Dummy on the Baby, Ice Baby, Baby Charades, Tissue Scenario and many different quizzes (which I did not do very well on!) and of course lots of delicious food and a lovely cake.

Thank you to Miss Laura for arranging it all and making me feel so wonderful.

Also thank you to all my lovely Rainbow colleagues for their gifts and presents.

Below are some pictures of the Baby Shower.

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