Welcome to the beginning of the Summer term here at Rainbow in Highgate.

It is lovely to see all of the children (and parents) back with us after the Easter holiday, and we also have the pleasure of some new children in the classroom with us: a special welcome to Alban, Naomi, Sergey, and Xenia, all of whom have been made to feel very much at home by the existing group, of course.

A little bit of sunshine and warmth has been another welcome addition to this term, and going forward, we hope for more of the same, as this term we shall be exploring the world outside in the garden as our topic. We hope to uncover and identify lots of different garden wildlife, ranging from the insects that can be found in all of those damp, dark corners, to the butterflies and the birds who like to put on more of a show. Learning about the relationships between the plant and animal life that is just outside of our door provides a great starting point for the larger world of nature. To extend this, we plan to make extensive use of Waterlow Park throughout the next few months.

We have transplanted our sunflower seedlings, which, hopefully by the end of the term will lend some colour to our garden, and some of the peas and the carrots that we planted in March have begun to come through too. With any luck, we should be able to harvest some edible treats before too long!

Our work inside the classroom continues as ever, needless to say, and we look forward to being part of the children's continuing learning and development. When we reach the term's end in July, Miss Lisa will be with us for the dance show, which will hopefully incorporate ideas from our topic, as well as giving the children a great opportunity to show off their physical and creative skills.

All in all, we anticipate another full and fun term!


Mr Stephen, Miss Ellen and Miss Lily.



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