Welcome to the Spring Term of 2015 at Rainbow Montessori School, Highgate.

It is lovely to see everyone back after the break for the festive season, and we are happy to join five new children and families into our community.

We look forward to a happy and busy term exploring and learning together with the children.




Our termly theme runs on from last term, as we continue to learn about the World of Weather: looking at what different weather conditions mean for people, plants and animals; exploring how different weather comes about; as well as using the idea of weather as a starting point for plenty of songs, physical games, and creative activities.

We will have the help of Miss Jess (a colleague and friend of Miss Faye’s) for our dance and movement classes this term, and Miss Anne-Laur will be continuing to run the French class for those whose children have signed up.


storytime1As always, the input of our parents (and indeed, nanny’s and grandparents) is always welcomed, so if you would like to join us to help out with a particular favourite activity of yours, or even pop in to read a story with the children, please let us know.

The Highgate Rainbow Montessori Team!

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