Dear parents,

I would like extend a warm welcome to everyone at the start of the Summer term here at Highgate nursery.

Along with the new children who have joined us in the classroom, we are also welcoming several new adults into the space. Our two new classroom assistants are Miss Sofia and Miss Trish, who you will all begin to see more of over the coming weeks; no doubt many of you will have heard their names already. We also have Keila, a student who is completing her Montessori teaching practice with us, in the classroom on Wednesday and Friday.

As we approach the time of year where we should have drier and warmer weather, we look forward to the prospect of being able to extend our classroom outside into the garden.




In keeping with the time of year, we have chosen ‘Spring’, as our topic for the term, and so we hope to bring all manner of seasonal games and activities into the classroom, exploring the many changes that take place across the worlds of plants, animals, and people during this time.

We will be attempting to grow a variety of plants from seed, working with the children to care for these, and talking about the different things that can help or prevent their growth. Going further afield, we aim to make use of Waterlow park too, seeing the range of life that exists there, and just enjoying the experience of being outdoors.

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Later in the term we have planned a 'Grandparent's Day', and we will have our yearly sports day picnic at Kenwood House: more to follow on both of those soon. As ever, any parents and carers who have any talents or interests that they would like to share with the children, are always most welcome to come and join us for an hour or two.

We look forward to another fun term with all of the children.

The Highgate Team.

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