Dear Highgate Parents,

After a busy break, we are very happy to welcome everyone to the Spring term here in Highgate.

It is lovely to see all of the children so happy to return to school with tales of what they have been doing, and of course, it is a pleasure to be able to welcome some new children and parents - a task that our more experienced children enjoy helping out with. We are very happy to have Miss Lily back in school, and we now also have the support of Miss Liselle, our classroom assistant.


During the holidays the builders visited to construct an amazing new house, which makes a fabulous addition to our outdoors space, as well as laying a new surface on the ground, and building some wooden planters for us: we look forward to making extensive use of these as the warmer weather approaches and we can begin to bring more plant life to our garden. Over the next few weeks, we have some more exciting plans for both indoors and outdoors, so look out for those!


For this term we have chosen Clothing as our topic. We will be talking about the different items of clothing that we tend to wear throughout the cycle of the seasons, and why we wear these things, as well as taking a look at the variety of clothing that is worn around the world. As always this theme find its way into our art activities, our practical life - lots of practice with the dressing up is likely - and all other areas of our learning.


Finally, a reminder that we would be delighted to have any parental or other family input into our classroom, so if you have any talents that you would like to share with the children, please let me know!

Mr Stephen, Miss Ellen, Miss Lily and Miss Liselle.



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