Thursday morning saw us make a trip down to the Secret Garden at Hampstead Heath.

Met there by two lovely teachers from the Heath’s education centre, we began with a discussion of what mini-beasts are, talking about some different examples, before being treated to a reading of the story, ‘The Bugliest Bug’.

We were then equipped with sweeping nets, insect trays, and magnifying glasses, before being lead to the meadow area where we set out to explore the habitat in search of real mini-beasts. The results of this search included many small insects and spiders, some centipedes, and, excitingly, two newts who were discovered underneath one of the many logs.

After returning these creatures to where we found them, the children were then each given a piece of clay, and using this in conjunction with the natural materials all around us, they made their own interpretation of their favourite mini-beast. These were then given homes in the garden, and to finish up, we learned a fantastic song about the importance of being kind to all of the tiny creatures we might find around us.

Many thanks to Judith and Mark for running the session, and to the parents who helped out on the day; the children all seemed to have a great time.

Mr Stephen



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