Our VERY LAST week (and term) at Rainbow Highgate has been a busy one; lots of tired and emotional people…that’s the teachers and the children! but, we are all off to pastures new…how exciting for us all!

We trust you enjoyed the show and saw a glimpse of what the children are able to do in their dance lessons.  They are to be commended on their impressive performance (big or small) given the daunting experience of facing an audience of so many faces. 


Lots of the children have made the most of the Montessori activities, many have played so imaginatively with their friends in the garden, others have been ensconced in their art creations, including their baskets and jars, overall it has been a pleasure to see their ever-increasing abilities.  The children have been busy preparing their pots for growing dwarf French beans over the summer holidays.  Don’t forget to water and pot out if you can.  Wishing you luck for a harvest!

It has truly been a memorable and exciting last year at Rainbow.  We cannot thank Miss Helen enough for her energy and dynamic input into the school.  The teachers and children have enjoyed so many events, new activities and developed skills we didn’t know we had! 

The real big thank you, however, is to YOU and most importantly the CHILDREN.  It feels a privilege to have been a part of your children’s lives.  They have given us many wonderful moments and it is amazing to see them grow into great personalities.  



I began at Rainbow as a student about 10 years ago, where did the years go? I thank all my fabulous colleagues who have made it a great experience.  It is the teacher’s past and present who say we have been blessed to have such fabulous children and parents.  Rainbow Highgate has always felt a “special” place to be, we hope you take some of that “specialness” away with you.

Thank you all for your support and bringing your families to us.  Have a super summer and definitely look out for us in the village, we are not very far away!

With very best wishes at your new schools and for the future.

Miss Ellen and all the teachers at Rainbow Highgate 


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