Dear parents,

Finding ourselves at the beginning of the third week of term, I thought it time for a brief update.

First of all, it is lovely to see the classroom settling down so quickly into its usual flow - I have to say that all of the children have done extraordinarily well, whether returning from the long summer break, or starting nursery for the very first time!




For those parents who are new to us, I just wanted to let you know that we will have our parent meetings in the second half of term: this is an opportunity for you to spend time in nursery, and for your child to show you some of their favourite things. It also includes a short meeting with your child's key person.The meetings take place after half-term in order that the children are all fully settled into the routine, and have had a good amount of time to explore a range of what the classroom offers.

On an ongoing basis, however, if there are any questions that you have, or if there is anything you wish to discuss, we are always here to talk - whether at the door in the morning, or if a more involved conversation is necessary, a proper meeting can be arranged. Please don't be shy!


Joining myself, Lily and Ellen this term, we have two Montessori student teachers carrying out their teaching practice: on Monday and Friday, Kamila will be in school, and on Tuesday - Thursday we will have Caroline. You will no doubt see them both in the classroom, and begin to hear their names as they start working with the children.

As always, we have our dance teacher come once a week to do a session for all of the children, so we see Sara on Monday mornings. On Tuesday, Anne comes to do the French lesson for those who have signed up for her class - if there is anyone who wishes to join the French lessons, either talk to us here at school, or to Kashmira in the office.

So for now, thank you for all the hard work from yourselves and your children in making the transition into nursery, and we look forward to an enjoyable term together.

Kind regards,


Mr Stephen


Highgate Rainbow Montessori Nursery

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