Nursery Parents, sometimes there are special events that take place at the Junior School that we just have to share with you - you are part of Rainbow Montessori after all!


The parents of Junior School's second 'Pop Up' Restaurant night, were treated to another one of the most special events held at Rainbow Montessori for years!

The success of the first Pop Up event held in March 2013 meant that this was sure to be a sell out and it was!

We hope you will look forward to attending events just like this when your child joins us at the Junior school!


Rainbow Montessori's

Pop Up Restaurant 2

Friday 21 June 2013

Colorful circled mandala cutlery restaurant.


From the initial greeting in the playground (drinks taken for chilling and water brought round) to the atmosphere inside our 'Pop-Up' restaurant, we knew we were in for a treat! With everyone sat, all you could hear were a million conversations - all going on at the same time  - boy, can Rainbow parents -and staff - talk when they get going!  The wine flowed, and then the food arrived! Again, the kitchen surpassed itself!


We had not only a lovely choice of dishes but a level of service not seen outside of the very best restaurants. It was a treat and the quality of the meal could rival any restaurant I have been to recently. This, together with the attentiveness of the waiting staff, all presided over by both Kyle and Mr. Terence made it a night to remember. I would like to thank both Miss. Hiroe and Mr. Terence for all their commitment in making these nights happen in the first place. Their work, before and after the event, is what makes them so special. I would also like to thank Miss. Simona and Miss. Liselle, who gave up their time to help in the kitchen and were invaluable!


Finally, I would like to thank the work and efforts of the whole of the Preparatory class. It is amazing to watch the discussions and planning that lead up to the evening and finally get to come and watch their efforts come to fruition! They are a credit to the school and I can't wait for their next venture!


All the best, Mr. John


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A taste of what it takes to make a great restaurant, 'Pop Up!'

The whole process of Pop Up Restaurant 2 took four weeks of planning by the children, three weeks of pre-production and 1 week to reconcile the budget and review what we have learnt from the experience. This process is what I call the  'real world curriculum.'

We started by selecting a new committee.  Once in place I positioned Pop Up Restaurant 1’s committee as mentors and at 2.50pm every day they would meet and then feedback to me the setbacks and progress.

The kind of topics we covered in the meetings:

- The new menu, research and new materials

-  How to make profit & loss budget work

- Commission design for ticket, menu and poster

- Increase table layout if possible

- Schedule full dress rehearsal of environment

- Devise a parent proof food memory system (we knew some of you would forget what you ordered)

- Art department committee - whose job was to dress all display boards and create a poster for the classroom to commemorate Pop Up Restaurant 2 Summer Solstice. 


The next major area to address was the new cooks and waiters.  We learnt from the first event that needed two adults to wash and dry up and we also needed a maître d' and a mini maître d' to meet and greet and to keep a calm eye on front of house. With all the above in place we were ready to rock on Friday 21 June 2013! The mentors arrived at 6.00pm followed by the rest of Preparatory by 6.30pm to make ready for 7.00, everyone was very excited!


The Preparatory class, Mr. John, Miss Hiroe and myself sat down to discuss the event. Our findings were that our business plan had not only survived but had bettered our expectations, with the profit and loss account showing a superb £266.78 profit for Friends of Rainbow!

A short list of tweaks on the mechanics of the event was discussed and we plan to put on a new Pop Up event in October – Autumn term.

This has been a thoroughly engaging experience in the month or so it took to produce. In true Montessori fashion, it has covered the ‘real world curriculum’ -  food tech, geography, history, ecology, mathematics, geometry, language, literature, art, IT and a lot of love!

Thank you for all your support.


Mr. Terence (very close to hibernating until September !)

Colorful circled mandala cutlery restaurant.




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