Dear Parents,

On Tuesday 22nd of January 2013 the children visited St James' Church which is adjacent to our Sherriff Road Nursery.

We were welcomed by Mother Christine who gave a very engaging and interesting tour of the church. The children learned that the beautiful pictures on the windows were painted a very long time ago by people who couldn't read so they used these pictures to tell stories - much in the same way we read stories in picture books. They also marvelled at the huge organ in the church and wanted to have a go on it! We all sat down where the choir usually sits and sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' very quietly using our most beautiful signing voices.

 A very big well done to all the children for being respectful, inquisitive and polite and many thanks to Mother Christine and Father Andrew for giving us such a warm welcome.

Miss Tabita

Headteacher - Sherriff Road



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